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Why U.S has blocked Chinese entity from purchasing of fertility clinic?

The U.S government has blocked Chinese entity from purchasing a fertility clinic in San Diego. This action has been taken to protect a U.S. fertility clinic and showed concerns that Chinese can access to American medical data which is stored in fertility clinics that involve families’ most intimate biological and personal information. As the increasing tensions between the two countries in which each country has closed the offices of the other after the summer and blamed each other of avoidance in allowing the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

former and current officials’ authorities have revealed that the step had been taken by the secretive Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States that manages exchanges including the purchasing and selling of organizations that have public security suggestions. Authorities would not say precisely when CFIUS made this move but said it had happened during the Trump administration.

blocked Chinese entity

In Case you don’t what actually CFIUS do? let me tell you that CFIUS is an interagency board that audits exchanges including foreign interest in American organizations. The board of trustees is housed inside the Treasury Department, however, it is additionally comprised of representatives from different organizations and the Departments of Justice which includes Defense and Homeland Security. The CFIUS review procedure is covered under secrecy. The committee speaks on actions rarely. it provides the reasons for blocking certain deals.

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What Officials reveals further about “blocked Chinese entity”

Officials have refused to reveal the name of the Chinese entity that tried to acquire the fertility clinic. However, the purposes behind the administration’s interests go to the core of the incredible force rivalry between the United States and China and to the cutting edges of clinical science. John Demers, top of the DOJ’s National Security Division and one of the country’s top spy agent trackers, declined to affirm the particular CFIUS activity. However, he talked in general terms in a meeting regarding why the U.S. government is careful about Chinese responsibility for American fertility clinics.

He additionally said the United States has two concerns with regards to Chinese responsibility for fertility clinics. First Authorities has revealed that Chinese may utilize the information from the fertility clinic to store up a huge information base of organic data that can be utilized against Americans. Secondly, John Demers has worried that the Chinese might use data from fertility clinics to prepare a military threat.


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