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Why BTS in trouble in China over Korean War comments

BTS in trouble, South Korean K pop group are facing a strong negative reaction by a large number of fans in China. One of their members has commented on a speech over the conflict between US and South Korean in 1950-1953 where they fought together.B ut his comments have met with an angry reaction by all the Chinese social media users who said that their country also bears in the war.

The media of china also stated that around 1,80,000 soldiers had lost their lives in the war. A Chinese user pointed out on Weibo that they do not need to make money from China. If they wanna make any money from china first they have to develop Chinese feelings.

BTS in trouble

WHY BTS in trouble, is facing a comeback of Chinese

As we all know that BTS is facing a cladding of Chinese social media users over the comments made by one of the member of South Korean K Pop group on the conflict between South Korean and the US in 1950-1953 where he said that they would always remember the pain which our nations had shared and the lost lives of our soldiers and innumerable men and women.

But his words have met with a negative comeback by all the Chinese social media users who said that their country also suffered a lot in the war and they had also lost their soldiers around 1,80,000. As per the Global Times, a state-run paper with a nationalistic point of view, “Chinese Netizens said the band’s absolutely uneven disposition to the Korean War offends them and invalidates history”, including that the remarks were intended to “play up” to US crowds. It was hard to measure the size of the reaction to RM’s remarks among BTS’s Chinese fan base.

BTS in trouble

Some were approaching each other to remain serene and calm on Weibo posts. Also, various individuals on Twitter shielded the gathering, noticing that RM’s discourse didn’t specify China straightforwardly. The seven-member BTS is very famous throughout the world and has broken many records. Prior this year, their single dynamite turned into the most viewed youtube video in 24 hours with 101.1 million perspectives in a day. The controversy comes days before Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that manages BTS, is set to go public in Seoul in an initial public offering expected to value the company at up to $4bn (£3bn).


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