World US officials accuse Russia and Iran to obtain voter...

US officials accuse Russia and Iran to obtain voter information


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US officials accuse Russia and Iran to obtain voter information. The United States’ authorities have accused to obtain US voter information and making moves to effect public opinion ahead of the 2020 presidential election. John Ratcliffe, director of National Intelligence, informed at a quickly accepted news conference on Wednesday which also involved FBI Director Chris Wray.

The declaration fourteen days before the November 3 political decision indicated the degree of alert among top US authorities that foreign entertainers were looking to disrupt Americans’ trust in the trustworthiness of the vote and spread falsification trying to impact its result.

obtain voter information

The Ratcliffe said through the news conference that they have substantiated that some voter enrolling information has been acquired by Iran and differently by Russia.

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Why US officials accuse RUSSIA And IRAN to obtain voter information

US officials say Russia, Iran to obtain voter information. Mostly the voter registration is public, however, Ratcliffe said that administration authorities that they have observed Iran sending mock messages intended to intimidate electors, actuate social discomforting and harm.

obtain voter information

Ractliffe was mentioning the emails which were sent on Wednesday and Maped to look like they have come from the pro-trump proud boy’s group, the authorities told the Reuters news agency. Various electors in Florida and other key states in the political race fight between the Republican president and Democrat Joe Biden said they had gotten the messages. Either You would determine in the kindness of Trump on political decision day or they would come behind you, the messages said. Alternate your meeting relationship to Republican to let them know if you got their messages or would go across. We would know which candidate you decided in favour of.”

“I would take this significantly if I were you,” the message ends by adding the voter’s address.

Additionally to the intimidating emails Ractliffe also said that Iran has diffused a video that falsely indicated voters could make dishonest ballots from overseas.


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