News Thailand: At least 20 people died in Collision Of...

Thailand: At least 20 people died in Collision Of Bus-Train Check reasons behind Collision


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A piece of the very sad news coming from Thailand, At least 20 people have died in the collision of bus-train. More than a dozen passengers have injured. as per the reports of officials, 65 people carrying the bus was travelling to a Buddhist temple in Chachoengsao because there is a ceremony to mark the end of Buddhist Lent. They were two hours from the capital Bangkok. This crash has occurred at 8:05 a.m. local time near the Khlong Kwaeng Klan railway station which is 63 kilometres east of Bangkok. Provincial governor Maitree Tritilanond informed in a press conference that it is about 29 people who had injured till yet. Several injured passengers are expected to rise. They were bodies crushed undertrain. A horrible incident has occurred in Thailand.

Collision Of Bus-Train

Reason Behind Collision of Collision Of Bus-Train

The main cause of the collision has not been confirmed yet. But it was revealed by some officials that The bus was overturned on its side and its head ripped off. CCTV footage from local disclosed that trash and metal spread around the accident site and rescue people were on scene at that time. Another main cause has been revealed that it was raining heavily. The driver did not see the train coming that took lives of almost 20 people. Prathueng Yookassem, the district chief officer, informed some of our sources.

These horrible accidents happen casually in Thailands. This is the reason why Thailand top the lists of the countries with the world’s most destructive roads, with drunk driving, speeding, and weak law enforcement all contributing factors. As indicated by a 2018 report by the World Health Organization, Thailand has the second-most elevated traffic casualty rate on the world. Thailands authorities really need to draw their attention to such incidents.

Collision Of Bus-Train
Collision Of Bus-Train

This incident has taken the lives of almost 20 people and more 30 people are found to be injured. some of them are fighting for their lives in the hospital. There were horrific pictures of death dead bodies that were crushed under the train.


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