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National Coaches Day Celebration With The Best NBA Coaches – A Tribute

National Coaches Day is celebrated on October 6 every year to honour the coaches around the world. President Richard Nixon signed the day to celebrate the efforts of the Coaches. In the proclamation, he said that the Coaches are the highly qualified who have excelled in their fields. But more importantly, they are the friends and counsellors who ensure that you stay grounded. They help you instil the values that you live with for life. 

National Coaches Day

President Nixon Encouraged And Acknowledged The Efforts Of Coaches On National Coaches Day

The official proclamation to celebrate October 6 as the National Coaches Day was signed on September 19, 1972. The official documents say that over the years, the United States has become sports-driven. And have acknowledged and honoured the achievements of athletes. Even though all the athletes are talents and hard-working, but this wouldn’t have been possible if there were no coaches in their lives to guide them. Not all athletes may become the best, but the lessons they learned in their journey and from their coaches will make them better human beings and citizens. It also acknowledged that most of the coaches don’t teach the team for personal glory but rather for the Country’s name and honour.

NBA Coaches On National Coaches Day 

National Coaches Day - Del Harris
Del Harris

As we celebrate National Coaches Day, we remember some of the best coaches that athletes NBA athletes have honoured in their journey. Del Harris said that in his time, the era was different and probably one of the best to go against coaches. Del Harris has won over 556 games throughout 14 seasons while he was Head Coach. He recalled that in his first game as the NBA Head Coach, he went against Larry Bird and Bill Fitch. 

He said in the second game; Harris went against Knicks coached by Red Holzman. In the third game, he went against Dick Motta with Elvin Hayes. Harris had coached for over 20 years on different levels but was a rookie NBA Coach. And went against legendary people almost every night. The legends included Larry Brown, Doug Moe, Jerry Sloan, to name a few. 

Don Nelson, in an interview, said that it was never easy to win an NBA match. He had had 1335 wins over his career. He said that every match poses a different challenge. Every person at the game is trying to think and coach beyond your own. 

There are many coaches from the NBA and beyond that too. Coaches go beyond the sports arena and come in various forms like friends and family. At the National Coaches Day, we celebrate every Coach who has tried and continues to do so, instil the good values in the students or the players. Not only to make them better at the game but in life as well. 

National Coaches Day - Don Nelson
Don Nelson


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