Politics I feel powerful, Trump Says Back On Campaign After...

I feel powerful, Trump Says Back On Campaign After COVID-19 Recovery


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President Donald Trump says he feels powerful on the back on the campaign after COVID-19 recovery. He has been hospitalised for 10 days as he is found asymptotic for coronavirus. However, he is back on the campaign at battleground state of Florida. He tells and assures his supporters that he is going to win this presidential seat four more years. He addressed his supporters nearly three weeks before when he will face Joe Biden who is strong Democratic candidate in the election.

Donald Trump’s medical team has already declared that he had tested negative and was no longer asymptomatic as he left to Florida. As he plans to go the first of four battleground states over the next four days. But still, there is neither official report that he has tested negative or white house has released any.


President Trump had reached the outdoor rally in Sanford, Florida. He has planned six for this week, He was seen without a protective mask. He threw out masks to thousands of supporters standing, most of them were without protective masks. He has been criticised many times for a mask. He has faced mounting criticism over his guidance and handling of the COVID-19, which has killed 214,000 people in the United States and infected nearly eight million.

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What Trump has said about his recovery from Coronavirus?


President Donald Trump has kept saying this he “went through it” and now they say I’m immune,” Trump spoke to a cheering crowd in Sanford, near Orlando. he further spoke that he “feels so powerful”. he will walk in there, he will kiss everyone in that audience. he will kiss the guys and the “beautiful women, just give you a big fat kiss.”

President Donald Trump also teases his opponent, whom he has given nickname “Sleepy Joe,” stating that “practically nobody showed up” to Biden’s campaign event. Actually, he has been following coronavirus guidelines, maintaining social distances and always found the wearing mask. he has hosted socially distanced campaign events, which is better than Trump’s packed, largely maskless.

He has told his supporters that lockdowns have damaged everything in the country as the pandemic hit all over the world, they need to revive the economy together with him, he stated that only he can revive the economy if he wins the presidential elections. This is all he addressed his supporters. Keep visiting us:


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