Politics How Dr Fauci says Trump Campaign ad mislead his...

How Dr Fauci says Trump Campaign ad mislead his words on COVID-19 ?


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Dr Fauci, who is one of top US government scientist said that Mr president Trump campaign ad was edited to make it look like he endorsed the president’s support of handling of the coronavirus pandemic. It is not the first time President Donald Trump has misled its own people. Anthony Fauci said that an advertisement of him used in a Trump campaign is misleading. The 30-second campaign advertisement refers to Trump’s personal involvement with the virus. “ The President Donald Trump has been recovering from the coronavirus, and so is America”, it says before including a brief video of ad in which Fauci appears to praise the president’s response to the pandemic. Fauci did not praise President Donald Trump as he has not taken his guidance seriously.

Dr Fauci

His statement that “he can’t imagine that anybody would be doing more to fight Covid-19” this statement appears in the ad to refer to President Donald Trump specifically that indicates President Trump is doing well and so is America is doing. At this statement, Dr Fauci who argued with Mr Trump before on Covid-19 was actually discussing himself and other staff about COVID-19. He has not endorsed Mr president about his steps that were taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19 he further confirmed that he had never publicly appreciated any political candidate.

DR Fauci Vs President Trump

Dr Fauci has clashed with President Trump as he has not taken the coronavirus seriously. The doctor is always a key member for the White House task force on coronavirus but he had found himself having to clarify or question some of the president’s assertions on the epidemic.

Dr Fauci

The specialist has said the early US reaction to Covid ought to have made the speedier and more thorough move, and conflicted on issues, for example, school re-openings, each time drawing Mr Trump’s resistance.

Dr Fauci likewise criticised the White House for facilitating a social gathering a month ago that has been connected to an outbreak of Covid-19


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