Football FIFA World Cup 2022 To Be The Greatest Of...

FIFA World Cup 2022 To Be The Greatest Of All Time As Qatar Prepares Ahead


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The FIFA World Cup has a two years-long wait but looks like the host country, Qatar has already started the preparations. The FIFA is scheduled to be on November 21, 2022. FIFA President Gianni Infantino recently appreciated Qatar’s preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup President

FIFA President Feels Confident With Qatar For Holding The Greatest FIFA World Cup Ever

In a recent statement released, Infantino said that he was impressed with how graciously and enthusiastically Qatar is preparing for hosting the World Cup. He said that the Al Bayt Stadium would be an “incredible” location to play in. While the world was shut, Qatar has prepared itself to be an excellent host to welcome the players around the world. He added that the tented shape and the beautiful Arab patterns on the ceilings above stands make the stadium unique. The preparations have left him speechless.

The stadium will be inaugurated in the next couple of months. It has a capacity of seating 60,000 and will be used as the venue to open the Tournament. Qatar built the stadium despite the pandemic. However, all the safety measures were strictly followed to ensure the safety of the workers.

Apart from Al Bayt, all the other eight venues will be prepared in advance to hold the Tournament. Infantino further said he had seen the plans before and was happy with it. But when he saw those plans become a reality, he was all the more impressed. He said that he feels confident more now than ever before.

Qatar’s Secretary-General Claimed The Upcoming World Cup Will Set A Benchmark For All

FIFA World Cup Quatar

Secretary-General of Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, H.E. Hassan Al Thawadi responded to the praises by Infantino. He said that in the year 2022 things would get better and people from all over the world will be able to come and enjoy the match in the stadium. He claimed that the World Cup 2022 will be the greatest one that the world has ever seen or will ever see. He said that he is proud of what his country has done in terms of contracting the stadium and has laid foundations that led them to be able to host the Tournament.

Thawadi further acknowledged that now that they are the host countries and its an honour to do so. It also holds them responsible for the safety of all in a world health crisis. He said that he is optimistic that things will get better by 2022, and when it will, they will be ready to welcome the fans from across the globe in Qatar. At that time, they will be unified by their passion for football.

Hassan expressed his gratitude for being able to welcome President Infantino to the Al Bayt Stadium. He said that the stadium represents the culture and history of Qatar. He concluded by saying that they are looking forward to the first FIFA World Cup being played in the stadium in 2022.


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