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Does Donald Trump has chinese bank account?

The news coming from the New York Times that President Donald Trump has been maintaining a Chinese bank account for years as he has pursued expensive business projects in China. The New York Times has reported that Tax records reveal that President Trump has a previous bank account which is unreported in China that was not counted on his public financial disclosures because it is held under a corporate name. It was further revealed that President Trump also has been maintaining bank accounts in Britain and Ireland.

Chinese bank account

The newspaper has further written on a report that The Chinese account has been controlled by Trump International Hotels Management and it has also paid $188,561 in taxes in the country from 2013 to 2015. While the tax records don’t show how much cash has travelled through Trump’s foreign accounts, the Internal Revenue Service orders that filers uncover the bits of their salaries originating from outside nations. Trump International Hotels Management has reported a couple of thousand dollars from China.

Donald Trump has a Chinese bank account

Chinese bank account

Till yet, President Trump has not made any remark on this report published by The New York Times. Although Trump Organization lawyer Alan Garten has denied telling the name of the Chinese bank that maintains the account, he told the Times in a statement that the Trump Organization has opened an account with a Chinese bank having offices in the United States so that it can be easy to pay the local taxes which is tied with its push to do business in the country. Alan Garten specifically has confirmed the company had opened the account once an office was opened in China to look the potential for hotel deals in Asia.

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As per the Times. The President’s tax records reveal that he has invested at least $192,000 in five companies established to pursue projects in China over multiple years,


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