Health COVID-19 Vaccine trials: Second Russian Coronavirus Virus Vaccine Passes...

COVID-19 Vaccine trials: Second Russian Coronavirus Virus Vaccine Passes Early Trials


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Moscow: According to the reports, It was confirmed that Early clinical trials for a coronavirus vaccine have been proved successful. as we all know that Russia became the first country in the world to successfully approving. Now the Second vaccine for coronavirus has been approved for early clinical trials. Its makers have said on Thursday about its early clinical. A top-secret state virology research center in Siberia, Russia’s Vektor has informed us that early-stage trials have been successful for its experimental vaccine that has been named as EpiVacCorona.Vektor’s press office informed the Interfax news organization. The initial two periods of clinical trials gave practical effectiveness and safety of the EpiVacCorona immunization,”

COVID-19 Vaccine trials

Vektor also informed that the registration for clinical trials will begin on 5000 volunteers in Siberia. The lab said there would be a different clinical trial including 150 volunteers who are more than 60 years old. After getting the conclusion, After that Vektor will start placebo-controlled trials between the ages of 18 and 60 on 5,000 Russian volunteers.

COVID-19 Vaccine trials

COVID-19 Vaccine trials:

As you all are aware that Russia announced in August that the COVID-19 vaccine has been developed and it was successfully approved. Russia also became the first country to register the first COVID-19 vaccine. Now the second Russian Vaccine has been under second trials. Vektor stated that it might be possible to receive the final results about the ability of its vaccine that will be based on peptides that will cause an immune response. It will be done after post-approval clinical trials have been completed. Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko revealed to President Vladimir Putin this week that Vektor’s vaccine may be affirmed by the Ministry in three weeks.

It was also revealed that the vaccine that The EpiVacCorona vaccine is a two-segment vaccine, and the period between the administration of the first and second components is 21 days. Russia also decides to manufacture an initial 10,000 doses, as per the Vektor inform. The production second vaccine for coronavirus is expected to begin in November.


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