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24 people killed aged 16-24 at Kabul education centre in Suicide bomb

The Horrifying news coming from Kabul, Afghanistan that 24 people have been killed in a suicide bomb at Kabul Education Centre. Authorities say that most of the victims are teenage students. Fifty-seven people were wounded after the attacker exploded explosives in the road outside the Kawsar-e Danish centre in Kabul on Saturday night. Most of the victims were students who were aged between 16-22 years as announced by the health ministry. ISIL (ISIS) has professed responsibility in a statement on social media platform Telegram, without any evidence. Any involvement from Taliban in this attack has been denied by a Taliban spokesman.

The attack which was censured by NATO and the Afghan government occurred in a region of western Kabul that is home to many members from the nation’s Shia people group, a strict minority in Afghanistan focused in the past by ISIL.

In May, a gathering of attackers launched a brazen daylight assault on a maternity clinic in western Kabul that left a few moms dead. The aggressors were shot dead night-time of battling with security powers.

The United States reprimanded ISIL for that assault. In 2018, another assault on another instruction community in a similar zone of Kabul murdered many understudies.

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Statement by Eyewitness, looking for loved ones in Kabul?


Following Saturday’s attack, family members of the victims came together at a nearby hospital. They were looking for loved ones among bags that contain the remains of those who have been killed and laid out on the hospital floor.

Rohullah, an eyewitness, told reporters “All the victims are teenage boys and girls, between 17 to 18 years old. We have taken the dead bodies as well as wounded victims to hospital by Kabul ambulance. All the victims are young boys and girls,”

A teacher at the Kawsar-e Danish centre, who gives tutoring to give children and provides a pathway to higher education has said that he and other teaching staff were in shock. “All the students were looking full of energy, They belong to poor families but hope for a brighter future,” The Teacher said. The teacher’s identity has not been revealed yet due to security concerns.


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