NBA MVP picks


The 2016-2017 NBA season has been one for the ages and the MVP race is a main reason why. Four future Hall of Famers – Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James are all having historic seasons and have legitimate cases to win Most Valuable Player. Who should be the MVP? Let’s ask the experts!

Tune In has an esteemed panel of former NBA players and media members who have given their opinion on this year’s race.

The participants: Former NBA players Kenyon Martin, Rex Chapman, Corey Maggette, Antoine Walker, Caron Butler, and Will Perdue, and Tune In NBA hosts Michael Rapaport Jason Pugh, Rick Kamia, and Michael Yam.

Martin: Russell Westbrook

Chapman: James Harden

Maggette: LeBron James

Walker: Russell Westbrook

Butler: Russell Westbrook

Perdue: James Harden

Rapaport: Russell Westbrook

Pugh: Russell Westbrook

Kamia: James Harden

Yam: Kawhi Leonard

The Totals

Russell Westbrook: 5 Votes
James Harden: 3 Votes
Kawhi Leonard: 1 Vote
LeBron James: 1 Vote

If the TuneIn NBA crew had their way, Russell Westbrook and his 42 triple-doubles would bring home the MVP award, with James Harden finishing second.

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