Golden State Warriors/Portland Trail Blazers Game 1 Analysis


What Worked

Draymond Green had a great performance. He swung the momentum of the entire game with defense, something only few players in NBA history can do. In-game defensive adjustments were crucial for the Warriors. After being torched in the first half by Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, the Dubs managed to contain Portland’s backcourt in the second half. When Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are hitting on offense, and Draymond Green is anchoring the defense, the Warriors are virtually unstoppable.

Lessons Learned

Although they were able to adjust, the Warriors experienced some turbulence with Portland’s backcourt stars. Combining for 48 first half points, Lillard and McCollum carried the offensive load for the Blazers in the first half. The Warriors struggled to find favorable match-ups early in the game. They adjusted well, which could be a good sign for the future, but the fact it happened in the first place is slightly concerning. The only way Portland can steal a game in this series is if Lillard and/or McCollum go off, and the duo almost got the best of the Warriors on Sunday.


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