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Vin Scully Comments on MLB and Life after Baseball


On Wednesday evening, Vin Scully joined “MLB At The Plate” with Holden Kushner, JP Arencibia, and Ned Colletti, and he spoke about being enshrined in the Dodgers Ring of Honor, hardships Jackie Robinson had to deal with, and what a normal day is like for him now.

Vin Scully talks about being retired into the Dodgers Ring of Honor, and shares some stories about Jackie Robinson and Yogi Berra and speaks about what he does on a daily basis now


Torii Hunter discusses racism in baseball

Five-time MLB All-Star and nine-time Gold Glove winner Torii Hunter joined “MLB at The Plate” to discuss his experiences with racism in baseball.


Hunter recalled instances of coins being thrown at him, batteries tossed in his direction, and stated that he was “always” called the N-word while playing in the outfield.


Below are the insightful words of Torii Hunter on his personal experiences with racist fans and how to stop outward racism at Major League Baseball games.


Torii Hunter on Racism in Baseball

“It doesn’t change because, I always say, anything that happens in the world, it happens in baseball, and these things, it’s still out there. You really can’t change it, but one thing Albert Einstein said, the world won’t be destroyed by evil, it’s going to be destroyed by people sitting there watching evil being done. If there’s racial slurs in the stands, there’s people around that don’t do that. Why hasn’t anybody said anything? The fans have to report that. I definitely think the fans are the ones. Why not the fans in the stands video somebody that’s saying that, and then you expose them and then you gonna be embarrassed. By your family, by your friends, everything for saying those words. If the fans, the people around these people that are saying these things or throwing these things, you expose them they will be embarrassed, and they’re gonna embarrass their last name, they’re gonna embarrass the whole family, and now their family is gonna have to explain their way out of it. All the racial issues that’s going on in this country, not just with African Americans, with Muslims, and everybody. It’s really out there and people are starting to talk about it more, and so when I went through it, it was 2001, 02, 03, 04, I went through all those years, I had batteries tossed at me, I had quarters and nickels and dimes and I would pick them up to get them upset. In the outfield, I was always called the N-word. I had an issue in Kansas City. I had N-word issues there, and we got the guy kicked out. That day we had fans in Kansas City, the Royals fans kind of called him out on in and then they called the front office, all the ushers, and they got the police to drag him out of there. So that was pretty cool, and they came to apologize. It’s gonna happen, it’s not all fans, it’s not all Red Sox fans. I feel like Fenway is still one of my favorite places to play because of the energy. But you just have people, and everybody is not the same. We all have issues in this world, you can’t blame the Red Sox fans, its just a Red Sox fan.”
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Listen to the full podcast below

NBA MVP picks


The 2016-2017 NBA season has been one for the ages and the MVP race is a main reason why. Four future Hall of Famers – Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James are all having historic seasons and have legitimate cases to win Most Valuable Player. Who should be the MVP? Let’s ask the experts!

Tune In has an esteemed panel of former NBA players and media members who have given their opinion on this year’s race.

The participants: Former NBA players Kenyon Martin, Rex Chapman, Corey Maggette, Antoine Walker, Caron Butler, and Will Perdue, and Tune In NBA hosts Michael Rapaport Jason Pugh, Rick Kamia, and Michael Yam.

Martin: Russell Westbrook

Chapman: James Harden

Maggette: LeBron James

Walker: Russell Westbrook

Butler: Russell Westbrook

Perdue: James Harden

Rapaport: Russell Westbrook

Pugh: Russell Westbrook

Kamia: James Harden

Yam: Kawhi Leonard

The Totals

Russell Westbrook: 5 Votes
James Harden: 3 Votes
Kawhi Leonard: 1 Vote
LeBron James: 1 Vote

If the TuneIn NBA crew had their way, Russell Westbrook and his 42 triple-doubles would bring home the MVP award, with James Harden finishing second.

Listen to live audio of the NBA Playoffs on the TuneIn app or on the embedded player.

Two Man Weave Episode #12


It’s Episode 12 of Two Man Weave with Michael Rapaport and Kenyon Martin on TuneIn!

On this week’s edition of #TwoManWeave, the guys discuss the #SkinnyJeanification of the NBA (8:37); the Celtics chances to advance to the NBA Finals (26:18); if Russell Westbrook still deserves the MVP award (47:54); and Kawhi Leonard’s rise to stardom (52:21).

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New episodes are live every Wednesday from 5-7 pm EST on TuneIn Radio

Golden State Warriors/Portland Trail Blazers Game 1 Analysis


What Worked

Draymond Green had a great performance. He swung the momentum of the entire game with defense, something only few players in NBA history can do. In-game defensive adjustments were crucial for the Warriors. After being torched in the first half by Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, the Dubs managed to contain Portland’s backcourt in the second half. When Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are hitting on offense, and Draymond Green is anchoring the defense, the Warriors are virtually unstoppable.

Lessons Learned

Although they were able to adjust, the Warriors experienced some turbulence with Portland’s backcourt stars. Combining for 48 first half points, Lillard and McCollum carried the offensive load for the Blazers in the first half. The Warriors struggled to find favorable match-ups early in the game. They adjusted well, which could be a good sign for the future, but the fact it happened in the first place is slightly concerning. The only way Portland can steal a game in this series is if Lillard and/or McCollum go off, and the duo almost got the best of the Warriors on Sunday.

Get To Know The NBA’s Near Future Best Big Man: Nikola Jokic


The twenty-one year old from center for the Denver Nuggets has been taking the NBA by storm in only his second season in the NBA. Many already consider him the best passer in the NBA, I’ll show you why in a video below, and many others are already considering him to be the best big man in the NBA. I personally believe it’s too soon to crown him over DeMarcus Cousins, Karl Anthony-Towns, Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol, and a few others, but Jokic continues to make the case.

Cussgate: FIFA Bans Messi For 4 Games


Lionel Messi has been given a four match ban by FIFA earlier for reportedly insulting a referee during Argentina’s game against Chile. Reports claim that the nation’s captain insulted the assistant referee after he called a foul against him. Messi reportedly said “concha tu madre” to the assistant referee but was not given a card. There are several aspects of this report that seems confusing and it smells a lot like a conspiracy to me. FIFA claims Messi cussed out the referee but the evidence, so far, has yet to truly prove anything.

What Holes Are Still Left On The Patriots Roster?


The new league year has opened up rapidly in New England. The Patriots have made significant strides towards improving their team. Not often have we seen a team make so many transactions in the off-season just months after winning a Lombardi Trophy. Some of these additions include DE Kony Ealy, WR Brandin Cooks, CB Stephon Gilmore, Rex Burkhead and more.

Dwyane Wade’s Chicago Homecoming Likely Coming To An End


Dwyane Wade, in a game against the Memphis Grizzlies on March 15, 2017, suffered an elbow injury. After an MRI, the results showed a sprain and small fracture in his elbow, effectively ending both his regular season and (likely) his Chicago homecoming.

How James Harden Proved This Writer Wrong

Houston Rockets' James Harden reacts after making a three-point shot during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Monday, Nov. 3, 2014, in Philadelphia. Houston won 104-93. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

My point back in 2015 about the then shooting-guard being an MVP candidate was that I believed he needed to give more value to a team than being just another great scorer. This year, Harden has clearly proved me wrong, and I’m loving it.

Two moves made all the difference for Harden. One was getting his ideal coach in Mike D’Antoni, and the other was moving from shooting guard to point guard. The move to PG was exactly what the Rockets needed as well. Harden has emerged as a premier play-maker in the NBA. He leads the league in assists and has carried the Rockets to the third-seed in a stacked western conference.